Water & Sewer Regulations

A) All customers, residential and/or commercial, are obligated to abide in accordance with the Belmont County Water & Sewer District Operating Code.

B) Water and/or Sewer

  1. The District will make all water connections of size indicated by customers and extend service line to property line where the service will be terminated with a shut off valve or meter setting. However, said service line shall not exceed fifty (50) feet in length. The minimum service line shall be 3/4″ pipe (3/4″P.E./Copper Tube:200 PSI) of approved materials.
  2. Water and/or sewer lines may be extended by individuals or contractors upon a written agreement with the BCWSD. Construction will not commence until agreements, performance bonds, easements, and detail drawings are completed and approved.
  3. The service line from the main into the house shall be buried a minimum of thirty-six (36) inches. The service line is the sole responsibility of the property owner.
  4. The property owner and tenant shall be responsible and use care to prevent the water line and meter from freezing within the property. Water meters freezing due to neglect will be replaced at owner’s and/or tenant’s expense.
  5. Service meters will be installed by the District.
  6. Each residence shall be served by a separate service connection and separate meter.
  7. Each family unit, in duplexes or apartments, shall have a separate meter and be billed separately at the applicable rate.
  8. Each property owner will provide an Ohio EPA approved double check valve on their water system to prevent contamination and back flow of water into the District water lines, as per EPA regulations.
  9. The District assumes no responsibility for the performance of private contractors doing service line work for the water customers between turn off valve or meter settings and house plumbing.
  10. Cross connections are prohibited by Health Department regulations and the same will not be permitted.
  11. Any authorized representative of the District shall be permitted to enter upon any premises and enter any house or place of business during daylight hours for the purpose of inspecting, sampling, testing, or servicing the meter, in accordance with the provision of the District’s regulations.
  12. The District reserves the right to turn off water to any service where leaks are not properly repaired, or to a service where the owner refuses to make such repairs.
  13. The District reserves the right to curtail the use of water in the event of an emergency.
  14. The District must have access to our meter at all times.
  15. The District reserves the right to turn off water supply to any service where the owner or tenant are in arrears for more than thirty (30) days and to collect, in addition to the water and/or sewer bill, a penalty of 15%, and a collection charge of Fifty-Three Dollars and Fifty Cents ($53.50).
  16. No application for water/sewer service will be allowed and no service shall be provided where the consumer/applicant is indebted to the District for water/sewer service, work provided, material furnished, or penalties imposed. This applies whether the indebtedness was incurred at the premises for which the application is made or at any other premises supplied by the board within or without the District limits.
  17. The District may remove service from the property where the property owner and/or tennant tamper with a meter in any way. Service may be restored at the discretion of the District for the actual expense to install service.
  18. A twenty dollar ($20.00) charge will be assessed to your account for returned checks.
  19. Water meter testing is available, charges may apply based on meter size.
  20. The property owner is responsible for identification and location of the water line curb stop or shut off valve that serves the residence or structure.
  21. Bills for water and/or sewer, work done, or material furnished will be mailed to the address provided upon signing for service. Changes made to the mailing address are required to be made in writing.
  22. The District will make all sewer connections to the property line. The owner will be responsible to install a sewer service line to the property line connecting to our sewer system. However, final inspection must be made by the District before said line can be connected and covered. The service line is the sole responsibility of the owner.
  23. No person shall maliciously, willfully, or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, deface, or make any connections to the District sewer works. Any persons violating this provision shall be subject to immediate arrest.
  24. No connection of roof down spouts, exterior foundation drains, driveway drains, or other sources of surface run-off or groundwater to the District sanitary sewer lines will be permitted.
  25. No person shall discharge any water or waste containing gasoline, benzene, naphtha, fuel oil, or other flammable or explosive liquids, solids, or gases into the sanitary sewer lines.
  26. No person shall discharge solid or viscous substances in quantities of such a size capable of causing obstruction to the flow in sewer or proper operation of the sewer works.
  27. No person or industry shall deposit any materials into the sanitary sewer which will cause any abnormal change in the sewer that is treated based on the tests that are performed by the District. Any deviations from normal will result in additional charges based on treatment cost.
  28. Applicant agrees to pay all water and/or sewer bills according to the schedule of rates now and hereafter established by the Belmont County Water & Sewer District on or before the due date of each billing period.